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Voice Liberation

Why are we afraid to use our voice? Why are we afraid to speak in public or to sing when we know someone is listening?  The answer is very simple.


Our voice is connected to our heart and our divine essence. It makes us feel vulnerable and we don't always like that, because we do not feel safe enough in general. We are also taught that the sounds that we make should match the circumstances, should be appropiate, non offensive, and that you should wait your turn. If you have the guts to draw attention to yourselve with your singing voice it has to match certains standards so that we can lable it as good and worthy to listen to. Unfortunately this "undefined standards are also present in our way of thinking, thoughts that can paralyze us when we think of singing out loud.


When we think of singing in public we feel nervous and we feel fear. Of course we feel that way. Your voice is the truth about you, it reflects all your emotions, and resonates what is present in you. It can not lie or hide behind a facade. It tells the world who you really are and how you feel.

Being vulnerable and diving into the fear of rejection is what we will experience in the workshop " Voice liberation". It will not only free your voice, but it will also free you as a person and will let your soul know that it has your permission to shine through.


I offer you this workshop as a gift of freedom for your soul. 

You are made of music and you are here to sound uniquely as you in the symphony of the universe. Be happy with your voice and the way you sound, it is a gift to yourself and the world.




the higher voice

Sacred geometry of sound

The 5th dimensional throat centre enters when you are ready to accept full responsibility as a co-ruler with the Divine.  Until this point you may have avoided fully recognizing the wisdom, power and might of God within. 

It is through the third of the Higher Chakras the higher Throat, that you express your Divine Power. This chakra is about Divine Self-expression, and it is located at the back of the neck, at the base of the skull. It is an important reference point to align this co-ruler energy through the whole chakra system. When our voice is in total alignment with our authentic core truth, we can successfully engage in the 5th dimensional energies while interacting in 3rd dimensional activities.

Starseeds, lightworkers, and awakening souls will come to a point where they feel the need to align their voice to the highest truth. This does not necessarily mean that you speak the truth all the time or that you learn to sing like an angel.

It means that you will become balanced and authentic in your expressions,  It means that the intention and the energy behind your voice is fully connected to the energy of your higher heart and higher wisdom( 4th eye chakra). In practice this means that you become vulnerable, openhearted, honest and aware about every emotion that is present within you. So that your voice can become a carrier of the higher dimensional vibrations of truth and  love and that  your ears can become the antennas of the sounds from heaven.

We walk the path of awakening because we came here to embody our highest potential and infinite wholeness within our human experience. Our throat chakra is the 5D portal between heaven and earth. It can assist us in expressing the divine truth of who we are as soul energy.

Get Free exercises for voice awareness here.

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