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Nada yoga

The sound of silence

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Nada Yoga, a sacred ancient practice, orchestrates your being into harmony with the cosmic symphony—an odyssey of connection, healing, and self-discovery. Rooted in Sanskrit, "Nada" signifies the unstruck sound, while "Yoga" embodies unity, not only with oneself but with the Universal Consciousness. Through Nada Yoga, we attune ourselves to the primordial vibrations of the universe, diving deep into the essence of existence.


As we resonate with these divine frequencies, we transcend the boundaries of the individual self, merging with the universal pulse of creation. In this sacred union, we find healing, connection, and profound revelations, experiencing the eternal rhythm that echoes through the cosmos.


Everything in the universe is vibration and frequency. By consciously listening to these vibrations, it is possible to feel a deep sense of peace and blissful emptiness

Sound of silence

the sound of you

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A "Voice Activation" workshop  can be a transformative experience of creating and receiving sound together with others. Explore the art of singing as a form of deep intimacy with and a deep listening to others and yourself, unlocking the subtle vibrations within and around you that are connected to your truth and your authentic way of expressing yourself in every now moment. 

This workshop focuses on experiencing, not on technique, 
Singing is the art of listening to what is present inside and around you. When you listen with your heart and not the mind, you will allow yourself to be vulnerable and just sound the way you sound, without it having to sound in a certain way. 
When you become the listener instead of the singer you become the song that has always been waiting for your loving presence.

The sound of prayer

the sound of prayer

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In prayer, we form a profound bond with the divine consiousness, engaging in a sacred dialogue with the cosmos. This form of prayer, centered on pure presence within sound, invites us to embrace the simplicity of "not doing" or "achieving".
By simply being in the vibration we become the essence of sound, the vessel through which the divine expresses, dissolving the ego by becoming the essence of the sound that we are making without it having to sound in a certain way.

Through this mindful sounding, we embark on a journey of unity, where our soul merges seamlessly with the essence of vibration, transcending the constraints of words and narratives to embrace the very essence of creation through pure resonance.

With each note, we surrender to the gentle flow, becoming one with the cosmic symphony that resonates throughout the universe. In the ethereal vibrations of our voice, we discover an embodiment of infinite wisdom and boundless love, echoing the divine presence within us. It's in this sacred act of connecting deeply with the essence of creation that we truly feel the purest form of divine presence encapsulated within a single, resonant sound."

The sound of meditation

the sound of meditation

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Allow the calming guidance of my voice to serve as your gentle guide, leading you to a deeper connection with the present moment. Through guided meditations you journey inward, exploring the vast landscape of your energy field.

As you tune into the sound of my voice, you'll find yourself effortlessly drawn into a state of relaxation and clarity. 

In this sacred space, you'll discover the observer within you – the quiet, unassuming presence that simply allows everything to be as it is.

 The observer is the essence of your being, the silent witness that observes without judgment or interference. It is the part of you that remains unchanged amidst the ever-changing landscape of thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

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The sound of me

the sound of me

Sit down, relax and if possible listen with headphones on.

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