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Nada Yoga


Nada means the flow of sound and Yoga means Union. Nada Yoga is the process of the union of the individual mind with cosmic consciousness through the flow of sounds.

When the river of consciousness is impeded by the ego, Nada or the inner/cosmic vibrations can remove the obstruction of the mind, allowing the river of individual consciousness to unite with its source, the ocean of pure consciousness.

Nada yoga is an ancient metaphysical practice of inner transformation through sound and tone, based on the premise that the entire cosmos and everything in it is made of vibration. A mystical exploration of deep listening and connecting to pure presence in every now moment through sound, meditation and movement. As a fractal we move our awareness from being an aspect of the whole towards being the witness of the aspect that is the whole.

Samadhi is the experience of pure consciousness that transcends the mind and body. On the path to experiencing pure consciousness an individual discovers the wisdom of the body, emotional and cognitive intelligence, and the union of body and mind (atman or soul), and the expansion of Atman into Nada Braham or Shabd Braham (God of Sound or Word).


the sound of silence

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We are the listeners of the sonic composition of life, and we are also the composers of this miraculous symphony of vibration.

Sound can be perceived as audible and external and it can be received deep into our body. Sound can also be perceived as internal and one with our body. What happens if we make a sound and what happens if we receive the sound at the same time. What happens when we sound and vibrate with our voice, what happens when we sing.

Singing is the art of listening to what is present inside and around you. When you listen with your heart and not the mind, you will start to understand the subtle vibrations that are made by your voice and your energy bodies. When you become the listener instead of the singer you become the song that has always been waiting for your presence. Before we can truly listen with presence we have to become still and move our awareness into silence. The deepest silence within can be reached through sounding and singing.

When you become the loving listener of your own voice you will start to understand what allowing and surrendering means. You will become the listener that loves whatever arises in the present moment, the listener that does not judge because every sound has a purpose and a meaning and is in need of a listener.


Singing the Sound of Silence means that you will create a space of love in yourself and for yourself. A space where you can allow everything (including yourself) to just be and show you what is. Here you will find your silence, your ease and grace, your essence, and your truth.

During singing circles we will not work on techniques to mold the voice into a desired result. Instead the vibrations of the voice willl be guiding us and it will mold us back into our Whole Beautiful Self.

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Everywhere I Go, I am, I organize workshops or singing circles. 

I happily share the opportunity tosing and connect to this space of love

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