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Water ceremony


All the oceans, lakes and rivers in the world, and even a single drop of water carries the essence of life and holds the information of its surroundings. The information within water can be changed by the movement of the water, the places it runs through, but also thoughts, intentions and the energies projected towards or put into the water have an effect on its structure and the vibrational state the water is in. 

The purety of water can help us remember our pure state of being. We are like the water flowing on this planet because the water is in our bodies.

& Sweatlodge

With these water ceremonies we honor the element water and the connection it has with the sacred feminine energies. It will help us to connect to our pure state of love and joy.


I will invite the light of love to enter and open the way for us all to remember who we really are as pure beings of love & joy. So that we all may be blessed in the light of the divine. 


This is our time to celebrate the magic and mystery of the sacred feminine and to replenish ourselves with blessings from the sacred waters of the mother. 

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