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You are the melody of life.

You are the whole YOUni-verse waiting to be sung.

Your are everything you have been seeking for.

You are the love and the wisdom that will fulfill your greatest joy. 

You are the unknown mystery, singing a song of truth 

because your are  the secret of joy and the song of heaven.


Welcome to my website You.

What is presence through the voice?


Cultivating presence through sound invites a deep connection with your body, your voice and the now. It is an invitation to be well in every moment and with this, being more aligned to your highest truth.  

By sounding with presence, we move into stillness, and a deep connection to the now, reaching the deepest silence within where we can relax and allow life to move through us as us.

Presence through the sound of your voice is about becoming a safe space of wellbeing and love for yourself, so you can effortlessly explore the sensations, emotions, and thought processes that arise from your inner reality when you connect to your vibration.

It is through nurturing an environment that is gentle, pleasurable, and soothing to our senses, body, and mind that we create true wellness and presence. When we allow our bodies to relax, our nervous system finds calmness, enabling a deeper connection with the energy of our higher heart, where our soul speaks to us.

This transformative journey leads to surrender, awakening us as spiritual beings attuned to the heart's wisdom. In the conscious rhythm of our breath, we signal to our body that it is safe. In this reconnecting us to our divine nature ,we enable ourselves to return to wholeness and inner balance, resulting in an ease and flow with the present moment.



Francisca is a down-to-earth guide in the world of spiritual embodiment. She humbly explores the connection between the universe and our everyday lives. Functioning as a wayshower, shadow/lightworker, and sound alchemist, she is dedicated to imparting the transformative power of being present with sound and vibration in a life that is simple and deeply connected to being present on earth as a human being.

As a custodian of 2 hectares of land, Francisca embodies the teachings derived from the innocence of nature and the perfect imperfections of the present moment. Her journey as a human has been a committed and profound exploration of all facets of life, seamlessly blending ancient mystical insights with an embodied and experience driven approach to the alchemy of sound, frequency and divine embodied presence. 

Francisca has been a space holder in the ongoing collective ascension proces and lead numerous ceremonies in the world of shamanism and plant medicine. The 20 years of spiritual journey transcended into fostering a deep connection with Source and the present moment and a deep commitment to the human experience. She possesses a keen understanding of diverse timelines and the myriad possibilities and outcomes that unfold in every now moment and she serves as a guide, anchoring us to the most expansive timeline as we navigate the transition into a new world.

In the beginning - Francisca
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by Donna Ashworth

Joy does not arrive with a fanfare,

on a red carpet strewn with the flowers of a perfect life.


Joy sneaks in, as you pour a cup of coffee,

watching the sun hit your favourite tree, just right.


And you usher joy away,

because you are not ready for it.

Your house is not as it must be,

for such a distinguished guest.


But joy cares nothing for your messy home,

or your bank-balance,

or your waistline you see.


Joy is supposed to slither through the cracks of your

imperfect life,

that's how joy works.


You cannot invite her, you can only be ready when she 



And hug her with meaning,

because in this very moment,

joy chose you

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